Saturday, March 10, 2018

V.B.S.M.S. - March 19-22

What are you doing over Spring Break?

We'll be doing something special each day, Monday through Thursday, just for middle schoolers! 

Join us for one, two, three, or all four events! Check out the details for each day below and find out which ones you can be a part of. More details will be available soon.

We realize that it's Spring Break and that you're out of school, but your parents/guardians may still have to work. If you would like to come to any of the events but don't have transportation, feel free to contact Craig and we can arrange to give you a ride! (

MONDAY, MARCH 19th- Service Project

When and where? - We'll meet at the "FIT Closet" from 1-4pm. The FIT Closet is located at 1609 College Avenue in the “White House” behind the College Ave. United Methodist Church.

What will we do? - We will help serve by sorting clothing.

What will I need? - Just yourself! Invite a middle school friend to serve with you!

TUESDAY, MARCH 20th - Movie @ AMC Theater

When and where? - We'll be meeting at the AMC Theater in the Manhattan Town Center Mall. Your rides can drop you off and pick you up at the theater. Be there by 12:45pm to purchase your ticket and any refreshments. Your rides can pick you up at 3:20pm.

What will we do? - Watch "A Wrinkle In Time" together!

What will I need? - Money for your movie tickets and any refreshments that you want to buy (optional). Movie tickets are $7.79 per person plus tax.

If you're going to the movie, you'll need to have a parent-signed permission slip which can be picked up at UCC from Craig or downloaded HERE. Print it out, have a parent/guardian sign it and bring it with you to the movie.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21st - Extended Middle School Youth Group

When and where? - We'll do our regular Youth Group gathering at night from 6:15-8:15pm. But we're inviting you to come and join us earlier to play games together and eat dinner in the Youth Building! Join us at 4:00pm.

What will we do? - We'll play video games, board games, hang out, listen to some great music, and eat some delicious dinner before MSYG begins!

What will I need? - Whatever you'd normally bring to youth group!

THURSDAY, MARCH 22nd - Lunch Bunch

When and where? - Your rides can drop you off at Pizza Hut on McCall road at noon. We'll be done at 1:00pm.

What will we do? - We'll eat Pizza Hut lunch buffet together!

What will I need? - Bring $ for lunch.

Contact Craig with any questions at

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