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August 9, 2020 | 6:00-8:30pm

UCC Youth Building

senior send-off.png

Each year we honor our graduates on a special night. These extraordinary young men and women have been invested in our ministry, both growing on their own in their journeys with Jesus as well as helping to guide others in their own relationships with Christ.

On Sunday evening, August 9, we will have youth group as usual with a focus on our grads, as well as a special video & prayer time to send them off to their next phase in life! Grads will have the opportunity to stand up and share in front of the group what was meaningful to them, some highlights of their time in youth ministry, how they've grown closer to Jesus, and give a charge of encouragement to the rest of the students. It is always a special time.

Parents are welcome to join us for the video, Senior Speeches, and our prayer time. This will likely begin at approximately 7:45.


If you are a Grad parent, thank you for sharing your students with us for the past 4 years! We love them!

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