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March 8-9

University Christian Church

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MSYG Spring Retreat 2024 

Faith + Action

This is going to be an amazing experience happening at University Christian Church and at Be Able, a community outreach center here in Manhattan. Middle School students will get to hear our speaker for the weekend, Jake Lenhart. 

About the Speaker

Jake served as a youth pastor for many years. Jake has a heart for serving the lost and loving those that society often overlooks. He is currently working as a hospice pastor in Oklahoma. Not only does Jake have experience doing missions work in Haiti, Youth Ministry in the midwest, but he also served at the Oklahoma City Rescue Mission. I am sure he would love to tell stories of how God shows up when you care for a love people.

A look at the Spring Retreat
We are partnering with Be Able and Jake Lenhart to create an opportunity for students to practice what was just preached. 

  • There will be a poverty simulation where students will experience what it might feel like to live below the poverty line, just like millions of people do everyday. (This exercise will be conducted by Andrew Jansen, MSYG Volunteers, Be Able Staff, and Jake Lenhart)

  • We will listen to three messages from Jake. These messages will cover: The Least of These, Seek and Save the Lost, and Faith in Action. This is a study on James and ties into what our King Solomon Christian Camp theme will be this summer.

  • A service opportunity at Be Able. The staff at Be Able will have a several projects and tasks that will hopefully inspire the students to serve and volunteer somewhere on their own.

  • You can't have a retreat without having some fun. We will be scheduling a Friday night fun evening after dinner. 

We will be stay at University Christian Church overnight on Friday. Saturday morning we will go serve at Be Able in Manhattan, KS and then finish the retreat back at UCC.

Start and End times
Check-in will be Friday, March 8th, from 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Friday in the Youth Building at University Christian Church.
Pick-up will be Saturday, March 9th, at 3:00 p.m. in the Youth Building (same as check-in).


Special Note: PLEASE READ!!! (We need your help)
This weekend is going to be intense in the best way possible. The poverty simulation will include the TEMPORARY withholding of a hot meal (they will be given a cold, flavorless oatmeal or similar option). We want to assure you that we will feed everyone. We have several capable volunteers and staff that will be around to ensure the safety and well being of all our students. We ask that this be kept a secret from the students in attendance of the Spring Retreat. We believe that it will be more memorable if they believe they are not getting the full meal.

If this raises any concerns, please reach out and call the church offices at 785.776.5440 and ask for Andrew Jansen.

If you have any questions then please email Andrew at

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